Why do Psychoanalysts encourage their Patients to Say Everything?

One of the other things we should talk about is why we say everything. I've had
patients ask, "How does this help? Why do I need to come and say everything?" Dr.
Spotnitz gave me an anecdote. He said so much resides in our unconscious and
affects our behavior. The more you talk the more these percolate into your
conscious realm where you can control how they affect your behavior. The example
he gave involved hypnosis. He said, “If I hypnotize you and say tomorrow at 2:00
you’re going to cluck like a chicken, and I bring you out of it, tomorrow at 2:00
your unconscious will give you the message and you will cluck like a chicken, not
having any idea why." He continued, "If I hypnotize you and I tell you tomorrow at
2:00 you're going to cluck like a chicken and I bring you out of it, I could say, by
the way, I just hypnotized you and I told you while under hypnosis that tomorrow
at 2:00 you're going to cluck like a chicken. That message is now taken out of your
unconscious, moved to your conscious, and tomorrow at 2:00 you have the choice.
If you want to cluck like a chicken, you can but it's not unconsciously motivated."
Thus the more we talk, the more that becomes conscious, the less our behavior is
adversely affected by our unconscious. ~ Rafael Sharón, NCPsyA, SCPsyA, Psychoanalyst in Princeton NJ

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