What types of patients do you see in your practice?

In terms of people I work with, my practice right now is kids between 8 and my oldest patient right now is 83. I work with children, I work with adolescents, I work with adults, I work with geriatrics, and everything in between. I think it’s a technique that can be applied to anybody. People come in saying,”oh I need CBT,” cognitive behavioral therapy. I explore with them what they want from it what they’d like to see accomplished. I try to help them feel understood and work with them the way they feel they need to be worked with.

It’s a great line that the patient has to cure the analyst before the analyst can cure the patient. By that I mean they have to create in the analyst what they need to help them. I think it’s a great line. It’s also therapeutic for the analyst. Most of the analysts I know live very long lives. I think it’s very therapeutic to do this for a living. ~ Rafael H Sharón, Modern Psychoanalyst, Psychoanalyst in Princeton NJ

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